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Business Law encompasses a vital aspect of legal practice that revolves around supporting businesses in various legal matters. From negotiating and drafting commercial agreements that define relationships with partners, suppliers, and customers, to providing legal guidance on the day-to-day operations, Business Law ensures businesses comply with relevant laws and minimize potential risks.

Moreover, Business Law plays a crucial role in formulating legal strategies tailored to businesses’ unique goals, enabling them to thrive in a competitive market. Legal optimization involves reviewing and improving legal frameworks and processes to increase efficiency and compliance. Internal policies and procedures ensure that businesses maintain ethical standards, promote fairness, and establish guidelines for employees’ conduct, fostering a harmonious work environment and regulatory compliance.


Commercial Agreements

Solving business’ day to day legal issues

Legal strategy for business

Legal optimisation

Internal policies and procedures



Transactional and Corporate/M&A expertise revolves around the legal aspects of business transactions and corporate governance. This practice involves guiding businesses through company incorporations, ensuring they meet all legal requirements and formalities to establish their legal entity properly. Corporate governance focuses on defining the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders within the company, promoting transparency, accountability, and efficient decision-making.

In mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and venture capital/private equity (VC/PE) investments, this expertise plays a critical role in designing transaction structures and documentation to protect the parties’ interests. Due diligence is a vital process where thorough assessments of businesses are conducted to identify potential risks and opportunities before engaging in a transaction. By navigating these complexities effectively, businesses can ensure smooth transactions and create sustainable growth.


Company Incorporations

Corporate Governance

Transaction structure, assistance and documentation for M&A and VC/PE investments

Due diligence

Joint Venture



Dispute Resolution is an essential legal practice dedicated to resolving conflicts between businesses or individuals. Commercial disputes involve resolving disagreements arising from contractual obligations, business operations, or transactions. Debt recovery services are vital for businesses seeking to collect outstanding payments owed by clients or partners. Intellectual property rights infringement cases involve safeguarding businesses’ valuable intangible assets, such as trademarks, copyrights, and industrial designs, from unauthorized use or imitation. We also provide robust defenses in cases of IP infringement allegations against your business.

Corporate and shareholder disputes arise within companies and involve resolving conflicts between shareholders or corporate stakeholders. Arbitration is an alternative method of resolving disputes outside traditional court systems, offering more flexibility and confidentiality. Public and tax disputes require expert legal representation to navigate complex regulatory and tax-related issues. By adeptly handling these conflicts, businesses can protect their rights, preserve relationships, and avoid costly and protracted legal battles.


Commercial Disputes

Debt recovery

Enforcement of enforceable titles

Contravention complaints

Intellectual property rights infringement

Corporate and Shareholder Disputes


Public Procurement

Public and Tax Disputes



Employment Law deals with the legal relationship between employers and employees, covering various aspects of the employment lifecycle. Employment disputes involve addressing conflicts that may arise between employers and employees, such as breaches of contracts or unfair dismissals. Internal regulations are essential policies and rules that govern employee conduct and work conditions within the company.

Collective negotiations pertain to negotiations between employers and employee representatives regarding terms and conditions of employment. Dismissals involve legal procedures and compliance with employment laws when terminating employees. Disciplinary actions ensure that appropriate measures are taken when employees violate company policies or codes of conduct. Employment legal strategy helps businesses proactively manage their workforce, aligning their HR practices with legal requirements to create a productive and compliant work environment.


Employment Disputes

Internal regulations

Collective negotiations


Disciplinary actions

Employment legal strategy



Intellectual Property (IP) is a specialized legal practice focused on protecting and managing intangible assets created through human intellect, such as inventions, designs, symbols, and artistic works. Development of IP strategy involves crafting a plan to safeguard and leverage these assets effectively.

Trademarks registration and counseling encompass the process of legally registering unique brands or symbols, providing exclusive rights to use them in the marketplace. Industrial Designs Registration and Counseling protect the ornamental or aesthetic aspects of products.


Development of IP strategy

Trademarks registration & Counseling

Industrial Designs Registration & Counseling


Software protection

Franchise & Licensing

IP transactions

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